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Wall louvre 453: built-in, heavy-duty series, with coil blades

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Specifications sheet

Specifications sheet

» Frame: Aluminium Al Mg Si 0,5
» Blades: Roll-formed alu coil

» Powder-coated in any RAL-colour: pre-assembled product is conversed to ensure a solid adherence (Brugal) and powder-coated in order to guarantee a thorough powder-layer at all corner joints and cutting sections: 60 to 70 micron.

» L-shaped frame profiles with a total height of 32 mm cut at mitre of 45° and assembled through compression and a clamping corner.
» Aluminium blade supports are rivetted on the vertical perforated frame-profiles.
» Louvres with a width over 700 mm are provided with an extra perforated U-profile to fix additional blade supports in order to strenghten the whole construction.
» The light duty roll formed blades are clipped onto the support profiles.
» The pitch of the blades is 65 mm.
» An anti-static and stainless steel bird mesh screen (18/8) is fitted flush on the back of the louvre by means of a nylon cord.

» Depth to fit: 59,5 mm
» Total thickness: 64,5 mm
» Visual Free Area: 69%

Can be provided with a water-channel, fixed just under the lowest blade to ensure an optimal watertightness (No Hevac test available yet)
This waterchannel is made of Aluminium Al Mg Si 0,5 and powdercoated in the same finish as the louvre.

» Brackets ref. 429 are supplied as standard.