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Wall louvre 451: built-in, heavy-duty series

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Specifications sheet

Specifications sheet

» Aluminium Al Mg Si 0,5

» Satin anodised: 20 to 22 micron
» Dark bronze anodised: 20 to 22 micron
» Powder-coated in any RAL-colour: pre-assembled product is conversed to ensure a solid adherence (Brugal) and powder-coated in order to guarantee a thorough powder-layer at all corner joints and cutting sections: 60 to 70 micron.

» L-shaped frame profiles with a total height of 32 mm cut at mitre of 45° and assembled through compression and a clamping corner.
» Aluminium blade supports are riveted on the vertical perforated frame-profiles.
» Louvres with a width over 700 mm are provided with an extra perforated U-profile to fix additional blade supports in order to strenghten the whole construction.
» The Z-shaped blades with a height of 76,5 mm are clipped onto the support profiles.
» The standard pitch of the blades is 66 mm (is variable)
» An anti-static and stainless steel bird mesh screen (18/8) is fitted flush on the back of the louvre by means of a nylon cord.

» Depth to fit: 59,5 mm
» Total thickness: 64,5 mm
» Visual Free Area: 69%
» Physical free area: 46%

» Can be provided with a water-channel, fixed just under the lowest blade to ensure an optimal watertightness according to HEVAC test procedures:
96,1 % at an air velocity of 0,5 m/s
94,2 % at an air velocity of 1 m/s
89,5 % at an air velocity of 1,5 m/s
When fitted with an insect mesh 2,3 mm X 2,3 mm.
This waterchannel is made of Aluminium Al Mg Si 0,5 and anodised or powder-coated in the same finish as the louvre
The pitch of the blades is variable on demand for esthaetic purposes.

» Brackets ref. 429 are supplied as standard.