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Glazed-in louvre 428: heavy-duty series

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Specifications sheet

Specifications sheet

» Aluminium: Al Mg Si 0,5 (50 ST)

» Natural anodised: 20 to 22 micron
» Dark bronze anodised: 20 to 22 micron
» Powder coated: RAL-colour: assembled in mill finish, then conversed to ensure a solid adherence (Brugal) and powder coated so that all cutting edges and corner joints have a solid powder coating of 60 to 70 micron.

» U-shaped frame profiles, with a total height of 42mm, and a flange width of 24mm, cut in mitred corners of 45° and assembled through compression and a clamping corner.
» Aluminium blade supports riveted to punched vertical frame profiles. For widths over 700mm a punched U-profile is provided on which additional blade supports are mounted as reinforcement. The V-shaped blades with a 33mm pitch are clipped onto the blade supports. The distance between the blades is 20mm. On the internal side of the louvre an antistatic stainless steel insect mesh (18/8) is fitted flush by means of a nylon thread.
· Total depth : 51mm
· Physical free area : 40%
· Flange size : 24mm

» Water channel provided, assembled under the lower blade, guaranteeing an optimal water tightness (according to HEVAC test procedure) of:
99.9% at an air velocity of 0.5 m/s
99.5% at an air velocity of 1 m/s
96.9% at an air velocity of 1.5 m/s
If provided with a fine insect mesh: 2.3 x 2.3mm
This water channel is made of aluminium Al Mg Si 0,5 and anodised or powder coated in the same way as the louvre.

The same way as double glazing (with glazing blocks).