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Fire rated louvres 466

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Specifications sheet

Fire resistant walls and doors are equiped with openings for fire resistant louvres.

» The fire resistant louvres meet the existing requirements.
» Frame and blades are of intumescent material covered with a synthetic container (Palusol).
» The telescopic frames are also available with stainless steel mesh.
» Outher frame in natural anodised aluminium. Other colours on request.
» The fire resistant louvre works in every placing.
» The fire resistant louvres are placed and fixed in the wall/door so that the stability is guaranteed.
» The louvres require no maintenance and have no mechanical function.
» The fire resistance degree of the louvre is at least the same as this of structural elements in which they are fitted.
» Available air opening : 70% of the total area.
» The maximum allowed airflow is 5 m/s.
» The pitch of the blades is 14 mm.
» The blades are placed horizontally.
» When the temperature reaches 120 C° the blade profiles fuse together and form a non-combustible barrier for 60 minutes.

» Fire resistance: 1 hour
» Thickness of the blades: 6 mm
» Bladewidth: 40 mm
» Maximum dimension: 600 mm X 400 mm h

» In fire resistant constructions
» In fire resistant ducts
» In fire resistant doors