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RENSON® Launches Comprehensive Line of Natural/”Trickle” Vent Window & Door Solutions in North America

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., September 16, 2015 – RENSON®, a European developer and manufacturer of aluminum-based solutions for the building industry, announces the North American launch of its comprehensive line of window and door ventilation solutions for natural fresh air intake.  The company is presently growing a U.S. distributorship for these products, which promote a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment for occupants while addressing the increasingly stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements of North American building codes and standards.

“Indoor air quality has been a primary concern of the European construction industry for many years, and as such the European building standards have, in numerous respects, paved the way for the North American market,” said Paul Renson, the company’s CEO.  “RENSON subsequently has a great deal of experience in engineering, manufacturing and installing natural ventilation solutions in Europe, and from this experience we have developed a wide-ranging selection of these solutions to meet an even broader scope of project requirements.  Our sales and engineering teams also work closely with architects, engineers and window fabricators to identify the ideal ventilation solution from among these selections, including in addressing a project’s specific STC and CFM requirements, and general parameters such as building height.” 

Encompassing more than 30 individual product solutions, RENSON’s line of ventilation systems include slotvents, horizontal and vertical sliding vents, and a range of self-regulating glazed-in flap ventilators for windows and doors. 

Able to be glazed-in or installed at the transom, the THM 90 series is a line of flat, thermally broken aluminum window ventilators featuring a self-regulating (class P3) flap that prevents drafts, promotes watertight performance up to 20 Pa in its open position, and can be set in five stepped positions (open, closed, and three intermediate variations). The THM90 also offers three installation method possibilities across numerous glass thicknesses: on-glass/top-of-glazing (THM 90evo) – accommodates 20, 24, 28 and 33 mm glass; between profiles/at-transom (THM 90TRevo) – accommodates 20 and 24 mm glass; and bottom-of-window/under-glass (THM 90PBevo) – accommodates 20, 24 and 28 mm glass.

Facilitating top-of-glass or at-transom installations, RENSON’s THK90 ventilator provides notable energy efficiency and flexibility across numerous applications, including both residential and commercial projects.  Successfully promoting an ideal mix of fresh air intake and energy conservation across Europe, the THK90 is also presently being integrated into a building project at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, Calif.

RENSON’s Sonovent® acoustical flap ventilation solution, which can be glazed-in or installed at-transom, offers superior sound abatement qualities (up to 56 dB) for both residential and commercial projects in which acoustics/STC ratings are of concern, including office buildings and educational institutions.  Available in four configurations (Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge) and in 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm sizes, Sonovent is also presently being installed as part of a building project at Camarillo High School in Camarillo, Calif.

With a unique and patented inner mechanism that facilities four airflow level possibilities in a single design, the AR75 flap ventilator is ideal for hi-rise building applications.  Featuring a larger outer flap, the AR75 inhibits precipitation infiltration, including in the Prospero Hall multi-family building project in East Harlem, N.Y.

The Sonoslot® self-regulating, sound absorbing (up to 38 dB in its open position) slotvent kit offers robust acoustical performance as part of RENSON’s complete line of slotvent solutions.  Comprised of a plastic sleeve with integrated sound-absorbing foam baffle in between both an external and internal slotvent, Sonoslot is available in 275, 375, 475 and 700 mm sizes.  Its self-regulating external slotvent’s i-Flux® technology maintains uniform airflow, even during strong winds and drafts, and a perforated design also serves as an insect mesh solution.  The noise-dampening baffle includes a combination of sound absorbing foam (70 mm thickness) and a plastic sleeve (90 mm thickness), both of which can be adapted to a variety of window frame depths.  Its small, narrow and discretely designed aluminium internal slotvent can be completely closed, and when open deflects airflow upward to prevent direct drafting.

Finally, RENSON’s Invisivent®EVO  is a slim, thermally broken vent integrated at the top of aluminum, wood or PVC window frames that promotes fresh air intake along with maximized window or door glazing.  The ventilation profile’s notably streamlined profile is barely visible as part of the overall window or door frame design, making it an attractive solution in a wide range of residential and commercial projects.