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Aluminium solar shading

Cilium, a dynamic sun shade

Cilium® is a dynamic sunshade by RENSON® that can be transformed from a vertical sunshade in front of a window to a horizontal, open position above a window. 

Sliding panels Loggia & Patio

The Loggia® panels are constructed with frames fitted with aluminium or wooden blades or screens.
Sunclips® and Icarus® Patio® are sliding panels constructed with sun protection blades screwed between 2 flat end plates. 

Horizontal and vertical solar shading

Structural sun protection prevent overheating. They stop the sun’s rays before they come into contact with glazed surfaces. Undesired heat and blinding light do not enter the building. This means no blinding or annoying reflections on TV or computer screens. And yet you still retain visual contact with your environment. The view outside is important, and it is respected. 

IRISS, Revolutionary sun shading system with integrated imaging functionality

With IRISS, a building can be equipped with a dynamic transparant video image system, with minimal impact on the architectural design. In fact, the IRISS video image enhance sun shades, are part of the architectural look of a building. It is the best of several worlds. It provides design (opinion) and dynamic imaging.